Temporal Odyssey DevBlog#11: Stretch Goal Character Design

The Temporal Odyssey Kickstarter is a wrap! We unlocked 3 additional classes at $30,000 and I’ve been hard at work at bringing those to life. Here are some sketches for the additional classes. All the art seen here is still a work in progress!


Mechs are epic. I’ve been a huge fan of Mech media all my life and it’s been a blast to bring this class to Temporal Odyssey. Mechs have a 60 / 60 statline and self-destruct to deal massive damage when defeated. However, you will have to discard 3 character cards to enlist them, so establishing a bit of card advantage before playing them is a good idea. The Mech artifact allows you pay 1 AP and discard a card to play a character without triggering its enlisted ability. This let’s you enlist your Mechs and other class cards (such as Wanderers) without activating their penalizing enlisted abilities.


These tall bug-like creatures are based on a combination of lovecraftian creatures and horrible bugs that actually exist. They can move damage onto themselves and then inject that damage into their attack target making them a very interesting mix of offense and defense! They are also a hilarious hard counter to enemies with Retaliate. The Stalker artifact infects your Traveler with the same ability to move damage around for even more control of the battlefield.


Tacticians return from Terrene Odyssey but now on horseback! They share Retaliate making them great both as a leader or as a support and increase the ATK power of allies who match their elements. Foes who underestimate the +10 ATK will learn to regret their mistake because it boosts a lot of characters to a spot where they can 1 shot a handful of classes, leading to a surprising amount of value. The Tactician artifact provides even more battlefield control by granting even more Retaliate!

More classes?

The Kickstarter funded at $37,000, just shy of the $40,000 goal for an additional set of 3 classes. We will also be running BackerKit for everyone who missed the Kickstarter and still wants to pledge, so if we hit that $40k, I will add those to the game as well!

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– Chris Solis



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