This page is about 2014’s Terrene Odyssey.
Now renamed Terrene Odyssey Classic!

Every turn of Terrene Odyssey is the core of an intense JRPG battle
only this time you’re facing off against another party of adventurers! Terrene Odyssey’s Starting Party Composition lets players pick the cards they start the battle with so that they can jump right into the action.
Build your ultimate line-up of characters, then unleash Items, Commands, Character Abilities and Attacks on your foe! Be sure to compose your best opening composition from your 30 card deck to get an edge on your opponent, because when characters defeat their foes, they’ll gain XP and Level Up! Even if the battle takes a turn for the worst, you can still Run to get an advantage in the next round. If that happens, how will you mix up your Starting Party to adapt to the obstacles before you?

Terrene Odyssey is an all-inclusive battle card game. It eliminates the need for trading and collecting and lets you jump straight into a deep customizable experience! Straight out of the box, you get 6 unique pre-constructed decks to immediately jump into the action. The game is fully customizable and comes with an additional 100+ cards. The entire card pool of 324 cards in one box!




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  • Pick Your Team: Terrene Odyssey’s original Starting Party Composition lets players pick which cards they want to start the battle with. Jump right into executing your deck’s strategy, or grab exactly what you need to throw a wrench in your opponent’s plan.
  • Jump straight into the game: 6 fully playable unique decks out of the box!
  • Play with ALL your friends: Casually accessible. Competitively balanced. 1v1, 2v2 and 3-12 player draft formats supported!
  • No Trading or Collecting: 1 box = 3 copies x 108 unique cards
  • Explore a never before seen world: A new and original universe gives Terrene Odyssey strong and interesting art direction.

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Chris Solis
Executive Producers Jessica Solis
Fernando Almeida
5/7 Games
Lead Artist Megan Cheever
Artists Kristopher Satterwhite
Kunyang Hu
Mingyung Hu
Melissa Yabumoto
Rob Joseph
Sloane Earl
Stepanie Carey
Sonya Indira Abby Sokomo
Adrienne Mata
Tina Prez
Graphic Design Clay Gardner
Product Development Fernando Aleida
Lead Playtesting and Game Balance Jaryd Hutchins
Game Design and Balance Nathaniel Tseng
Playtesters Jessica Solis
Jake Grenier
Jonathan White
Alex Hurley
Editors Ben Rog-Wilhelm
Rafeal Vega
Deborah Zlatarev
Joshua Anderson

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