Dwarven Weeaboos

Dwarven Weeaboos is a satirical light set collection again about building the ‘perfect Waifu’ (or Husbando)


In the high fantasy world of Terreria, a team of 5 young dwarves have found a portal to the far away land of San Francisco in the 90’s. While trapped there, they discover alien hobbies such as ‘gaming’ and ‘anime’ that go on to define the very fabric of who they are. Now, they are tapping into their dwarven roots to create and construct the perfect waifu. However, only one dwarf can marry the waifu (or husbando).Be sure to have the most impressive sets of nerdy collectibles to impress the waifu.


Build a waifu together. Have the best collection of collectibles possible. The waifu will marry the player with the largest collection of certain cards.

Game Details

Players: 1-5
Length: 20 – 30 mins
Intensity: Low

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