The following rules have been added to Terrene Odyssey starting September 1st, 2015 to further the balance of the game:

New Rules

Villain Rule

You can only have one 3+ SP character card in your deck.

2nd Turn Player Rule

If you are the 2nd turn player,  you gain an additional action on your first turn of the game.

Unique Character Rule

Players cannot recruit two characters of the same name at once. If a player attempts to recruit a character with the same name, it is an illegal play. Token characters are exempt from this rule.

0 SP Start

You can begin the game with 0 SP characters.
(Like Isaac the Observer)

Single Trigger Rule

Each Trigger Ability can only be activated once per chain.

Other Changes

Chain Interruption

Triggers can now be added to the chain after triggers have begun resolving. Like if there are no triggers on the chain, opportunity to respond goes in player order.

The Revenant

The RevenantClarity Errata: The Revenant is not able to satisfy the condition for its own abilities.  its second ability should read:

Whenever another Interdimensional character is recruited (purple)->
This character gains 1 XP.

Haste Potion

Clarity Errata: Haste Potion has a typo in it. The card should read as follows:

Free action (blue) ->
Deal 10 damage to target character you control. That character gains Haste until end of turn.

Scoops McGee and Johnny Donuts

Clarity Errata: Scoops McGee and Johnny Donuts are both Dark affiliation and Machine class.

Wanderer Alpha and Beta

Clarity Errata: Wanderer Alpha and Wanderer Beta are both Dark affiliation and Machine class.

Energy Token

Clarity Errata: Energy Token is Light affiliation and Energy class.

Resourceful Resourceful

Balance Errata: A character with Resourceful can, once per turn, use 1 item or command without paying its action cost. Any other requirements still need to be met though! Only items and commands resolved by that character will get the effect of Resourceful.


Errata: The Stun effect of all levels of Intensity should have the duration of ‘until end of turn’.

Shadow Veil

Balance Ban: Shadow Veil is banned from competitive play.


Questions and Answers


Can I have duplicate item or command cards in play?

If you draw into duplicates, you can play them. Its OK to have duplicates on the board for any card. You just can’t start with them.

Can I have duplicates characters in play?

Characters follow a different rule. You may only control one character of the same name at one time. If you ever recruit a character with a duplicate name, you must dismiss one of those characters before the game can continue (similar to being oversupply). This rule does not apply to token characters.

Can I use actions on my opponents turn?

You can spend actions on your opponent’s turn if you have Blue Trigger Abilities. Saving an action for reaction on your opponent’s turn is highly recommended.

XP Gain

When a character gains its 5+ XP, whats happens?

At 5+ XP, you can choose any reward you want. if you pick the 3rd and the 4th XP rewards, you will have to take the LEVEL UP! part as well.

Is there a max LV a character can reach?

There is no max level.


What is a recruited character?

A recruited character is revealed and face-up.

A card instructed me to recruit a character. Does this mean I gained control of it?

No, recruiting a character just flips it face-up. If you are to recruit and gain control of a character, a card will specifically say so.

Items and Commands

How do these work exactly?

An item/command remains face-down hidden until you pay its trigger ability cost and reveal it. Once it’s revealed and paid for, you resolve its effect then discard that card. These cards are always discarded after use unless they are ‘Ongoing’.

When a character is defeated, does their item/command stay on the table?

No, the item/command is dismissed with the character. These card can’t exist on the table without being assigned to a character.

Can an item or command be activated if the character it is held isn’t recruited yet?

No, a character must be face-up recruited in order to activate items and commands.


What is the cost of dismissing my own characters? Items? Commands?

You can dismiss characters, items and commands as a free action on your turn, but you may not dismiss them in response to another action. You can dismiss any number or cards by using the free ability again. If you dismiss a character, you must move any damage that character may have to your own HP. This is the only penalty associated with dismissing.

Where do dismissed cards go?

Dismissed cards go to the discard.


What is Banish?

When a card is banished, it is removed from the game. Place the banished card aside from the current game state.


How do I attack with my characters?

When you attack with a character, you pay an action and move the character forward to indicate the attack. You attack your opponent player and they will choose to either not block that attack and take damage to their HP or Block an attack with one of their characters. You can NOT attack a character directly without an special effect.

How many times can a character attack per turn?

Each character can only attack once per turn (on your turn only) for the cost of 1 action, unless a card effect specifies otherwise.

When my characters block, they hit back, right?

Characters do not deal any damage back to their attacker when they block an attack. The exception to this is characters with the Gained Ability Retaliate.

Do I need to pay an action to block with a character?

No, blocking is a free action you can take on any players turn in response to an attack.

How many times can a character block per turn?

A character can block as many times as they like per turn. However, each time they do, they suffer more Defense Decay.

What is Defense Decay?

When a character blocks an attack, they suffer Defense Decay after the damage from that attack resolves. This means their DEF is reduced by 5 until the start of their next turn. Usually this is immediately after your opponent’s turn in a 1v1 game, but in a 2v2, you may have to wait longer!


What is a hidden character?

A hidden character is a face-down character. Hidden characters are not affected by card effects or able to be targeted, attack or block and do not have affiliation, class, ATK or DEF unless a card specifically states otherwise. Hidden characters always take up 1 SP. They still do have an HP value and can have damage, status conditions, and/or gained abilities.

What happens if a character is hidden in response to it being targeted?

A Hidden character can’t be targeted and it never affected by an effect unless a card specifically says it affects hidden characters. If you are able to hide a character in response to a player’s effect, it will not be affected by that effect.

Which effects does a character lose after hiding?

When a character become hidden, they do not lose any damage, status conditions, or gained abilities they may have. They are flipped face-down and all tokens that character has are placed on top or next to that card. Hidden characters are always 1 SP.Note: The -1 SP bit is not a gained ability, only a reminder for effects. If a character with -1 SP bits is hidden, it loses those bits and their effects.

What happens if a character is hidden in response to a block declaration?

After you block an attack, you have accepted all damage from that attack. If you hide your character after you block, that character will still be taking the damage they have accepted even while face-down. The character can still be defeated by this damage.

Assassins and Battle

Can I use multiple assassin triggers on a single attack?


Can I use an a single assassin’s trigger twice on one attack by hiding it and recruiting it again?

No. Trigger abilities can only be activated once per chain.

An opponent’s character attacks and I recruit my assassin to activate it. My opponent responds by targeting my assassin with enough damage to KO the assassin. Does the assassin’s ability still resolve?

Yes, the assassin’s ability will still take effect. The assassin has already added his effect to the chain, putting the trigger ability up for resolution. If the assassin is defeated, it does not affect if this ability will resolve or not.

Trigger Abilities

Trigger abilities in the discard

Some cards say they can be triggered in the discard. These cards are considered activated by the player. It is the only instance in the game when the player is resolving a card’s effect. If a player defeats a character this way, it is considered wasted XP since only characters can gain XP.

End of Turn Responses

I have one action remaining and my opponent says they are ending their turn. Could I then respond to their action of ending their turn with an action of my own?

You can respond to your opponent’s end of turn declaration. This is a good time to dump any remaining actions you might have! Your opponent can respond to your actions and after that chain resolves, the turn will end.


  • Opponent declares End of Turn
    • You activate Prophecy
      • Opponent activates Item Expertise
      • Item Expertise resolves, negating Prophecy
    • Prophecy resolves, but does nothing due to Item Expertise
  • Opponent’s turn ends

Deck Construction

The rules say I can have 1 hero in my deck. Does that mean I can have 3 copies of the same one hero? How does this work with the new Villain Rule?

No, only 1 card with the “HERO” tag can be in a deck. The villain rule, (for characters 3 supply or higher) works the same way.

How many copies of a card can I include in a single deck?

You can have a maximum of 3 copies of a card with the same name. You can only have up to 1 HERO and 1 VILLAIN card in a deck.

Card Specific Questions


Snow Storm‘s 1st XP Reward grants ATK equal to your DEF. Is that printed DEF or is it current DEF?

It’s current DEF. If a character was about to get that XP gain could they target themselves with a Defense Potion to get an extra 10 permanent ATK. Of course, if you get Blinding Bombed or hit by Luminous’s ability, you’ll get nothing!


What is Stealing?

Some Thieves can activate the effects of items belonging to other players without paying their action cost. This is considered Stealing that item.




When I lower the supply of a character with Deborah the Direct, is this effect permanent?

DeborahThe effect only lasts as long as the character is recruited because it is not a gained ability, but only a modification of the recruiting of the character. Characters lose this effect as soon as they are hidden. This means you may not stack her ability by hiding a character, and using her ability to recruit it again.





Can I pay 1 Action and discard 0 cards using Zile the Recruiter’s ability to add Isaac the Observer to my hand?

ZileIssacYes, it’s a great combo!





When Hooks in the Zephyr assassinates a character, do they need to pay an extra action because of Slow even though they were defeated?

Hooks In the ZephyrNo, whenever a character is defeated before a blocker is declared, it is immediately removed from battle. When an attacking character is Slowed, they have to choose to pay an extra Action to complete the attack cost or not. If they do not pay, the attack is cancelled. In the case of Hooks in the Zephyr, if the attacking character is defeated by the assassin’s ability, they are removed from battle and there would be no reason for the attacker to pay for Slow (they technically receive Slow at the same time they receive damage).If the attacking character survives, then the attacker has a choice to pay for slow or not. Having your attack cancelled by Slow does not cancel the effect of Hooks in the Zepher.



Zeac the Energetic can’t be targeted. What does this mean?

Zeac can’t be targeted by any effect with the word target in it. This includes most items and commands and many character abilities. Attacking the player and the player choosing to block with Zeac is not targeting and therefore Zeac can take damage in battle. An assassin’s effect does not target and therefore can deal damage to Zeac.


How does Haze Bomb work?

Haze Bomb dismisses a card assigned to a character (an item or command). It does not dismiss the character itself. Haze Bomb does not actually negate the effect of the card it hits. If you Haze Bomb in response to another card’s activates, the effect will still resolve. If you Haze Bomb a card and they play it in response, the effect will resolve before Haze Bomb sends it to the discard.

Haze Bomb is great for clearing out troublesome Ongoing commands like Spikes or Machine Factory. Using it when an opponent cannot respond is also a great way to clear the way for attacks. Some common situations where an opponent would not be able to respond might be if they are out of actions, or if you’re targeting a card assigned to a hidden character.

Who is considered to be activating Life Potion and Healing Salve when they are activated from the discard?

These cards can be activated from this discard for 1 action without being assigned to a character. These cards are considered activated by the player themselves.

Token Characters

Do token characters have the same properties as regular characters?

Tokens are considered characters and they share all the properties that a character has. They can be assigned items / commands, gain XP, block, attack, be hidden and recruited, etc. Also, you won’t lose if you only control tokens since they are characters.

Status Conditions

How does Stun work?

A character with Stun can’t attack or block. If an attacking character is Stunned, the attack is cancelled. The action paid to attack is lost.
You can also use Stun offensively by Stunning key defenders. Stun does not cancel blocks that have already been declared. If you stun a character who has already blocked, they will still gain Stun but that character will still receive the damage from the attack.


Player A attacks with Ethan the Resilient (20 HP / 20 ATK / 0 DEF). Player B declares a block with Ashen the Unseemly (25 HP / 10 ATK / 10 DEF). Player A uses Flare to Ashen. Ashen is Stunned but the block resolves because it has already been declared and thus suffers 10 damage and Defense Decay.

Summary: In the above situation, it would have been more effective to Stun before the attack to prevent the defender from declaring a block in response to your attack.

How does Silence work?

A character who is Silenced has their printed text removed immediately. If a character is Silenced in response to them using one of their character’s abilities, that ability is cancelled. The cost to activate that ability is already paid and is wasted. Silence does not affect Defense Decay, XP Gains, Status Conditions or Gained Abilities.


How does Slow work?

A character who is Slow / Slowed loses Haste and must pay 2 Actions to declare and complete an attack. If an attacking character is Slowed, they will need to pay the additional 1 Action or their attack will be cancelled. They will lose the 1 Action they spent to attack. Haste and Slow over-ride each other. If a Hasted character attacks for 0 Actions and then is Slowed, they will need to pay 2 Actions or the attack is cancelled.


Gained Abilities

How does Haste work?

A character with Haste can declare an attack for 0 Actions. Haste and Slow override each other. If a character is Slow and then gains Haste, Slow will be removed from that character.

How does Resourceful work?

Balance Errata: A character with Resourceful can, once per turn, use 1 item or command without paying its action cost. Any other requirements still need to be met though! Only items and commands resolved by that character will get the effect of Resourceful.

How does Retaliate work?

A Character with Retaliate is able to hit back they block. When a character with Retaliate blocks an attack, it deals Stab Battle Damage back to the attacker equal to their DEF value.

If you defeat an attacking character with Retaliate, they are subject to Overkill damage since it is battle damage. Damage on both ends happens at the exact same time. It is possible to result in a double KO and even a game tie! Retaliate is one the special circumstances in which a blocker can hit back while blocking. Otherwise, characters cannot hit back while blocking.

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