Terrene Odyssey


In the high fantasy world of Terreria, a hole in time has opened. Gather your party of adventures and fight against other adventures in search of ancient treasures from another time and world.  Recruit strange creatures and creatures out of time.


An all-inclusive battle card game with the original Starting Party Mechanic. Pick 4 characters (and their items) from your deck and place them face-down. On turn 1, cards are revealed and you are in the heat of an intense battle immediately! Break your opponent’s team composition to win the game.  Gain XP based on your team’s home terrain with the original Terrain XP mechanic.


Defeat all characters in the opposing party.

Game Details

Players: 1v1, 2v2, 2-12 player draft.
Length: 30 – 50 mins
Intensity: High
Released: Spring 2015

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